Kids Corner


Below are some great links to more educational information for kids !!


Kids do ecology -


National Wildlife Federation Kids Zone -


Young People's Trust for the Environment -


Marine 101 - Great Games and Activities for kids of all ages -


Fun activities for kids

Learn more about the Pacific Garbage Patch (created by us) - word search.pdf (254,8 kB)

Help the little boy to recycle! (created by us) - recycling maze.pdf (94,6 kB)


Shermans Lagoon - a funny comic strip on a serious problem- Shermans lagoon.pdf (823,6 kB)


Unscramble the words to reveal the secret message (created by us) - Word scramble.pdf (41 kB)


PowerPoint Learning Modules


Causes of the Garbage Patch.pdf (1,1 MB)


 Human Impact.pdf (935,7 kB)


 Harm to Marine Life.pdf (893,4 kB)


Cleaning up the Garbage Patches.pdf (1,6 MB)